Dub Cymatics

Currently sitting with 2 tracks in the top 10 of the JJJ Unearthed dance charts, and on a 3 month tour of NZ, Dub Cymatics are off to a rocking start!


Dub Cymatics is fresh out of the Australasian melting pot and built upon utilising the potential of midi-synced live looping. Two independently touring, talented, multi-instrumental loop musicians, Erin (Erinsphere.com) NZ, and Sid (Sid Berry Music) NSW, link pedals (think Tash Sultana and Ed Sheeran joined together) and then mix acoustic and electronic instruments (guitar, clarinet, keys, trumpet and violin) with drum samples and beatboxing to create fresh, upbeat, live dance music.
Conscious lyrics and stand out vocals characterise a duo that have as much passion for song craft as they do for performance and play. Inspired to create conscious atmospheres that are enjoyable and uplifting, in both lyrical and musical content, the contrast between Sid’s reggae style and Erin’s signature synth-like harmonies and leads build huge dynamic. Springing from a love of Reggae, Dub and Roots Music, through Hip Hop and Dance soundscapes and into Drum and Bass, their sound is fresh and evolving, inspired by Australasian influences Shapeshifter, Salmonella Dub, Blue King Brown and The Upbeats, to name a few.

Freshly formed in 2017, they are already lining up shows in Australia, with support sets for both Juzzie Smith and the Kava Kings before the year is through. With Melbourne based producer and DJ Kayboku (Kayboku.com), and other feature artists onboard for their upcoming EP and extensive summer tour of New Zealand, these two are already going places. Shows will be everything from soulful, passionate jams to all-night dance parties, and everything in between, as you travel on a journey of sound. Featuring cutting edge, original productions, Dub Cymatics will shape your soul and energise you with the best vibrations.