Elph – Elissa Hullah and Kayboku

Elissa Hullah is freakishly talented!!! Her harmonising is 2nd to none!!! I had met her a few times at party’s around Melbourne, then on Christmas day 2013, we were having a party in the park, and she brought her guitar.
She was to shy to play it to anyone else, but she asked if she could quietly play me a track, so we snuck away to a park bench, and what I heard was nothing short of INCREDIBLE!!!
I recorded it on my phone, and then later in the studio added beats and we rerecorded parts of it.
Midnight recording sessions followed, and BAMMMM I WAS EXCITED!!!!
We had only made 2 or 3 songs, so I booked us a gig, much to Elissa’s fear, with the theory that, if we are doing a gig, we will “HAVE to have” 45 minutes of music. (Seems legit right?).
We fumbled our way through a few shows, but after that, life seemed to get in the way, and nothing ever really got finished.
Well, not finished yet. But it will be!! Debut EP coming out soon!!!