Emerald + Kayboku

I met Emerald whilst on tour in New Zealand, NYE 2014/ 2015, whilst touring with the Wednesday Experiment.

She was a bomb MC, doing her own set at Twisted Frequency Festival. After her set I approached her and said, lets make a track, right now, we can turn the medical tent into a studio.

Without hesitation, she agreed to do it. Im thinking, “this girls crazy, normally it takes 10 minutes of me convincing them that making and recording a track at a music festival is a good idea”.

We recorded a verse a few days later, and DAMNNNNNN that verse was big!!!

I told her she should move to Melbourne, 3 months later she did! THATS HOW I LIKE TO ROLL!!!!

A few months after that we were asked to tour Canada and America as The Wednesday Experiment. I was sceptical about it at first, but Emerald was sleeping on my couch at the time, and after a month of her enthusiasm and wanting to go, we made her an honorary Wednesday Experiment member, reworked the tracks, and the set to fit her in, and BAMMMMM Canada and USA here we come!!!

She fearlessly went into the Melbourne hip hop scene, and now runs her own promotions company “Emerald Hip Hop Sessions”. Booking local and international artists!!!

The Emerald and Kayboku EP “Amalgamation” can be downloaded from bandcamp here –