50 Personalised USB cards


CDs are old news. Releasing music on USB, so you can sell them at gigs, is the new way forward.

The USB is 2 gigabytes, so you can put your album on there, a few videos, photos etc, then when you make a new EP, you can simply copy it onto there too, as its a USB. No need to waste money printing new CD’s for every release.

It is the same size as a credit card, so it will fit in your fans wallets, so selling them at gigs is no problem!.

They impress promoters!!! It got my act “The Wednesday Experiment” into many new doors and onto many festivals, simply because the cards were a lot more interesting and different to give to a promoter, rather than just a CD.

Fans at gigs will easily pay $20 – $30 for an album on the USB, or $12 to $15 for an EP. So they are a profitable sale item.

Simply place the order and make payment, email your artwork to kayboku@gmail.com, and they will be delivered to your door within a few weeks.

$350 for 50 cards! Delivered to your door!

(Prices are all in AUD, Australian Dollars)