Surround Visuals

I had the vision for a few years of doing a music set, in surround sound and surround visuals.

Imagine a sound coming from behind you, and then turning around and seeing it come across the screens.

So I got a job at a projector company for one year, to work out how to do this. The company was very conservative, they did not do music or VJ Style projects, but were very supportive, and answered the millions of questions I would ask them on a daily basis.

So in doing the Wednesday Experiment Album launch, I did the set in surround sound, and in surround visuals, it was epic!!!

I was running the beats and the vocals through Ableton, and running 3 projectors in Resolume, and sending midi and audio triggers to trigger the visuals. If you look in the video, when the voice appears, the sky appears in the background, and when the voice stops, the sky disappears.

I plan to get this going as a show again soon!!! Just trying to figure out the best angle and way to approach it musically and event wise.