Tara Walsh and Kayboku

I met Tara around the music scene at a few shows in the last year. Whilst she was busking in Melbourne one day, a producer from the USA heard her busking, liked what he heard, and invited her to sing on one of his tracks. She made the track, Music mangers in LA liked what they heard, and next thing she was on a plane to America, produced some more tracks, then signed to BMG records, and is currently co-producing for the Swedish pop market!!!.

Whilst at Dragon Dreaming Festival last year, we decided to join forces and get some musical adventures off the ground.

Over the Christmas/ NYE holidays 2015/2016, we locked ourselves in the studio for weeks, jammed day and night, in-between guitars, coffee, keyboards, more coffee, vocals, coffee, looper pedals, Ableton electronica trickery, then more coffee, the sun went down, then it came up, went down again, day after day.

Although we were getting close to getting a project off the ground, at some point she fell madly in love with a tattoo artist from Argentina, and is now residing in Buenos Aires!

We filmed a few of our jams, here they are-